A comparison with traditional utility poles:

Natural hardwood poles contain no toxic chemicals.
Natural hardwood poles contain no toxic chemicals and do not pollute the environment.
  • Pure, natural hardwood - no treatment required
  • Lifecycle cost is 60% less compared to traditional utility poles
  • Substantially higher fiber strength
  • High salvage value (used poles can be re-sold, repurposed and reused in other products)
  • Comes from FSC Certified Managed Forests
  • Long service life (60-80 years in North America)
  • No disposal fees
  • No odor
  • Pleasing, natural appearance
A conventional, creosote utility pole leeching chemicals into a concrete sidewalk.
Conventional, chemical-treated utility poles leech chemicals into the surrounding environment.
  • Treated with creosote and/or pentachlorophenol (PCP); a toxic biocide
  • Requires remedial preservation treatment with chemicals every 10-15 years
  • Has no salvage value
  • Requires additional cost to dispose of poles at the end of their lifecycle (products that contain pentachlorophenol are considered hazardous waste in the United States)
  • Strong chemical odor