Utility Poles

All-natural hardwood utility poles 01.

Imagine a wood pole that requires no preservation treatment, has a greater field life, greater fiber strength, no disposal issues, a very high salvage value, is fully climbable, has half the life-cycle cost of treated poles, and on top of it all, have CO2 credits assigned to them. Natural hardwood utility poles represent a total reimagining of the utility pole industry while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure and equipment. Perhaps the most dramatic difference is that our poles actually have value at the end of their service life instead of a disposal fee, like traditional, chemically-treated utility poles.

All-natural hardwood utility poles 02.
All-natural hardwood utility poles 03.

Desirable Attributes

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Cross Arms

All-natural hardwood cross arms.
All-natural hardwood cross arms.

All our cross arms are compatible with ANSI O5.6 specifications.